William King Merrill Lynch Options Loss Investigation

Have you suffered options losses with William King at Merrill Lynch? Peiffer Wolf is currently investigating claims against Merrill Lynch for alleged unsuitable options trading by one of its former registered representatives, William King.


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According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, William “Bill” King is a former registered representative of Merrill Lynch who has faced over 20 customer disputes since August 2022. These allegations relate, in part, to Bill King’s alleged unsuitable options strategy and use of margin.


William King voluntarily resigned from Merrill Lynch in April 2023. According to BrokerCheck, the allegations include “unsuitable and unauthorized trading in certain clients’ accounts.” Other allegations include:


  • Alleged failure to follow instructions when two positions in a client account were not sold when requested.
  • Failing to act in a client’s best interest
  • Failure to implement risk management strategies, leaving a customer’s portfolio vulnerable to market volatility
  • Misrepresentation of an equity-indexed annuity
  • Unauthorized trades
  • Unsuitable investments

William King Was a Top Broker at Merrill Lynch, the King Conley Group


According to Advisorhub, William King was among the top brokers at Merrill Lynch. King allegedly managed $1.4 billion in client assets, and Forbes had ranked him #166 on its top wealth advisors list in 2022 and on its best-in-state wealth management teams list this year. King also ranked among Barron’s top 1,200 financial advisors from 2018 to 2022, according to his former team webpage at Merrill.

Options Trading Pose Unique Investor Protection Risks


Broker-dealers like Merrill Lynch must ensure that options strategies employed by its registered representatives are suitable for their clients. Among other duties, broker-dealers must perform due diligence on the customer and collect information about the customer to support a determination that options trading is appropriate for the customer.


Options accounts are also subject to specific supervisory reviews by broker-dealers, including reviewing the compatibility of options transactions with investment objectives and with the types of transactions for which the account was approved. FINRA rules also apply when opening customer accounts, including among others, customer identification requirements under anti-money laundering rules.


According to FINRA, trading options can come with significant risks. These risks vary greatly based on whether you’re buying or selling options, including expiration risk, assignment risk, dividend risk and margin risk.

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If you’ve invested with William King through Merrill Lynch, Contact Us today by filling out a Contact Form or by calling 585-310-5140 to schedule a FREE Case Evaluation.

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