Investment Losses in Market Crash? FREE CONSULTATION We've Recovered Millions for Investors. Peiffer Wolf has helped thousands of investors just like you. Your losses may be recoverable if they were caused by your broker’s unsuitable investments advice or negligence. If you've suffered losses, contact us for a FREE portfolio evaluation. 160M $ in Commissions $1.8 Billion Amount claimed to have been raised through brokerage firms from investors in waste management & car dealerships. GPB Capital Holdings LEARN MORE February 2019 The FBI and NYC Business Integrity Commission made an unannounced visit to GPB's office in New York. 450K $ in penalties $461,377.15 Awarded to Elizabeth Jachles (“Libby”), a retired Brighton teacher, $461,377.15 to be paid by American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. $300,000 Harbor Capital made close to $300,000 off of Libby. Basically, the investment strategy benefited everyone except Libby, the investor taking the risks. Harbor Capital Advisors LEARN MORE 3.2 M $ in penalties $3.2 Million Awarded $3.2 million to an Upstate NY egg-farming family swindled in a Variable Annuity and Life Insurance scheme promoted by a former AXA financial advisor. $600,000 FINRA has since fined AXA Advisors $600,000 and ordered them to pay $172,000 in restitution for distributing junk bonds. AXA Advisors LEARN MORE 150M $ in total losses $35,300,000 300 client accounts managed by OptionSellers fell below minimum margin requirements. INTL FC Stone is now seeking an additional $35.3M Unlimited Client Exposure The exposure to losses from these customer accounts is not yet determinable, as collection efforts are in early stages, given the timing of events that led to the receivable balances OptionSellers.com & INTL FC Stone LEARN MORE 100M $ investment fraud 183% Many states across the country ordered FIP to cease operations and repay collected interest charges for “operating illegally in the state” and charging customers up to 183% interest. 3,000 Investors Brokers, financial advisers, financial planners and insurance agents are being sued for an alleged investment fraud that wiped out around 3,000 investors. Future Income Payments LEARN MORE 12B $ in real estate assets Filed a complaint on behalf of investors against Cole III and certain of its affiliates, directors, and principals. Allegations of “internalization” transactions detrimental to Cole III REIT shareholders. $12,000,000,000 Cole III REIT is a leading real estate investment trust that manages more than $12 billion in real estate assets across the country. Cole III Real Estate Investment Trust 22M $ in penalties $22,000,000 One of the largest awards ever made in an NASD arbitration, on behalf of 32 Exxon Mobile retirees. 32 Retirees This victory was covered extensively by the media, including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and Reuturs. Securities America & David McFadden 240M $ action rate securities $240,000,000 Represent the LA Stadium and Exposition District and the State of LA with claims for losses relating to $240M in auction rate securities issued by LSED. $13,000,000 LSED and the State asserted claims for losses as a result of the collapse of FGIC’s credit rating, which rendered their $13M credit enhancement and bond insurance policy worthless. Merrill Lynch & Financial Guaranty Ins. Corp.
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We seek compensation on behalf of individual investors who lost their savings because of their brokers’ misconduct or fraud.

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Representative Cases

We represent public investors in securities litigation and FINRA arbitration, including disputes with their stockbrokers.

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We have helped thousands of investors, as well as municipalities and charities, that have suffered substantial losses because of questionable investment advice, misconduct, securities law violations, and fraudulent investment practices or products. We have experience prosecuting international cases and have had a considerable number of clients around the world.

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