We are scheduled to mediate your cases with Sidley Austin and Deloitte on June 25th in San Francisco.  We are optimistic that we will be able to reach a settlement at that time, however, nothing will be known for sure until the mediation.  We are in the process of preparing our mediation brief, and we need your help.  The way the Defendants have been talking about this case, it is clear to us that they see this as a business problem rather than a human problem.  I believe that, with your help, we can make them (and their insurers) understand the devastation that this has caused many of you.  This, in turn, should help us get to a settlement that we can recommend.


So, please take a few minutes and complete the following form. We know that many of you have had sleepless nights, gone without vacations, had to go back to work, and had many other horrible troubles as a result of losing the money you invested in Aequitas. We will be editing these responses down and sending them to the defendants in a confidential mediation submission.  These statements will remain confidential and will not be used outside of this mediation.


Remember to send a photo of yourself and/or your family to Christine: [email protected]

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