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Jeffrey Dixson is a registered broker with Madison Avenue Securities, LLC since 2007. In that same year, the State of Washington, through the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, initiated a dispute with allegations that Jeffrey Dixon “sold variable annuities to Washington Residents that were not approved by the WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC).” Jeffrey Dixson had to pay a monetary fine as a result of this dispute.


Aside from past disputes with allegations of misrepresentation of products, poor recommendations and poor advice, Jeffrey Dixson still has two pending customer disputes. The allegations include “poor performance and unsuitable investments” and “negligence, professional negligence, violations of law, unsuitable recommendations, negligent supervision, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of securities industry rules and regulations.”

Jeffrey Dixson – Broker


According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, Jeffrey Dixson has been the subject of 6 disclosures (which can include “customer complaints or arbitrations, regulatory actions, […] and certain civil or criminal proceedings that they were a part of”).


Concerning Products sold by Jeffrey Dixson include (but are not limited to):


Variable Annuities

Hines Global


Value Plus


FS Energy & Power


Gemini Fund V

Walton Land Fund

BSP Realty

Prior to Madison Avenue Securities, Jeffrey Dixson was registered with WMA Securities, United Securities Alliance, Intersecurities, and Pacific West Securities.


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*BrokerCheck is run by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA)

Jeffrey Dixson and the GPB Lawsuit

Multiple lawsuits have been filed and multiple regulatory matters have been initiated, alleging that GPB Capital Holdings has been engaged in wrongdoing.  A former GPB Holdings partner alleged that “GPB paid its investors significant returns based upon falsified financial information”. Our investigation into the various GPB private placement funds includes, but is not limited to:

GPB Automotive Portfolio LP

GPB Cold Storage LP

GPB Eurobond Finance PLC

GPB Holdings II LP

GPB Holdings III LP

GPB Holdings Qualified LP

GPB Holdings LP

GPB NYC Development LP

GPB Scientific LLC

GPB Waste Management LP

GPB Waste Management Fund LP

Financial advisors (brokers) have a legal obligation and regulatory obligation to recommend only suitable investments that are appropriate for their individual clients. Their broker-dealer (employing brokerage firm) has a legal obligation and regulatory obligation to supervise the financial advisor’s sales practices and dealings with clients. To the extent that any of these duties are breached, the customer may be entitled to a recovery of his or her investment losses.


Based on our experience, we believe that there are more investors who have been the victims of Jeffrey Dixson’s alleged broker misconduct and unsuitable investment advice. If you invested with Jeffrey Dixson of Madison Avenue Securities, you should contact Peiffer Wolf and Meyer Wilson immediately for a FREE Consultation.


Learn more about the GPB Investor Lawsuit here: https://gpblawyer.com/gpb-investor-lawsuit/


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    Brokercheck®️ report: Jeffrey Dixson

    Information about this broker was obtained from FINRA’s BrokerCheck on September 13, 2019. You should always review the BrokerCheck report directly for the most updated information. If you believe that information on this page is incorrect, please contact us.

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