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Christoper Grant Conness (Grant Conness) has been a registered broker with Madison Avenue Securities, LLC, and an investment adviser registered with Global Wealth Management since 2017. He is also the Managing Director & Co-Founder of Global Wealth Management. According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, he currently has 6 disclosures, including one pending customer dispute for unsuitable recommendations and breach of fiduciary duty.


Peiffer Wolf is currently investigating potential claims against  Global Wealth Management and Grant Conness for his recommendation of NYC REIT and potentially other alternative investments.


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Grant Conness | Global Wealth Management


Pitched as a way to provide investors with income and appreciation, ARC NYC REIT is promoted as “high-quality commercial real estate located within the five boroughs of New York City, particularly Manhattan.” Initially, NYC REIT was a non-traded REIT. Because it was not initially traded on an exchange, ARC NYC REIT was even less liquid than other REITs that trade on open exchanges. Investors believed that returns would be greater than 10% annually, but distributions stopped and there was a reverse stock split. To make matter worse, the initial public offering price was $25 per share, but that valuation has now plummeted below $12 per share.


According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck, Grant Conness is the subject of 6 disclosures:


  • October 2020: Customer Dispute – Pending. Allegations: “Claimants allege recommendations regarding investment into two REITs in 2015 were unsuitable.”
  • September 2020: Customer Dispute – Pending. Allegations: “Unsuitable recommendations, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and negligence.”
  • September 2019: Customer Dispute – Settled for $4,000.00. Allegations: “Unsuitable investments.”
  • October 2018: Customer Dispute – Settled for $15,000. Allegations: “The claimant alleges that in November 2016, the respondent broker-dealer allowed an unlicensed individual to sell an investment to the claimant using the facilities of the broker-dealer and RR.”
  • March 2018: Customer Dispute – Settled for $4,000.00. Allegations: “Breach of fiduciary duty and negligence related to recommendation and sale of alternative investments.”
  • December 2016: Customer Dispute – Closed- No Action. Allegations: ” Unsuitable REIT/ annuity sales.”


Prior to Madison Avenue Securities and Global Wealth Management, Conness was registered with G.F. Investment Services, LLC, Pacific West Securities, Inc, Costa Financial Securities, Inc, and SII Investments, Inc.


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*BrokerCheck is run by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA)

Grant Conness Investigation

Financial advisors (brokers) have a legal obligation and regulatory obligation to recommend only suitable investments that are appropriate for their individual clients. Their broker-dealer (employing brokerage firm) has a legal obligation and regulatory obligation to supervise the financial advisor’s sales practices and dealings with clients. To the extent that any of these duties are breached, the customer may be entitled to a recovery of his or her investment losses.


Based on our experience, we believe that there are more investors who have been the victims of Grant Conness’s alleged broker misconduct and investment fraud. If you invested with Grant Conness of Global Wealth Management, contact Peiffer Wolf immediately for a FREE Consultation. 585-310-5140.

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Brokercheck®️ report: Christopher Grant Conness

Information about this broker was obtained from FINRA’s BrokerCheck on January 5, 2021. You should always review the BrokerCheck report directly for the most updated information. If you believe that information on this page is incorrect, please contact us.

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